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About Us

About EHC


At Econnexions, we believe that each client is different and, therefore, each recruitment solution should reflect their specific requirements.


Econnexions is one of the pioneering recruitment consultancies in India since the year 2006 covering almost all the industry sectors. It has set the remarkable benchmark in recruitment solutions and service excellence. We have been offering pioneering solutions for over 10 years and have differentiated ourselves as a leader in the industry, positioning both candidates and clients for success.


Econnexions is focused on hiring the right people for the right position at the right time for your organization. Our satisfied and esteemed clients include big Indian firms and leading MNCs across industries. Our operating model is 2 dimensional; with services especially focused on core business areas and industry verticals.


At Econnexions, we understand that to attain the big goals, you initially require a team of experts with sufficient expertise and experience. Considering this we make use of our expertise to recognize the skills required by employers around different industry verticals. Together with a reputation of constantly delivering best results, possessing a clear understanding of the client demands and high standards of quality, we also deliver our clients with a multitude of HR solutions, around recruitment, corporate training, contractual or delegation services and compensation.


Econnexion’s Core Values



We promise to always offer candidates and clients with a strategic approach representing the situation in its true manner.



Our name stands on the consistency of our values, actions, principles and methods.



We offer a level of service exceeding your expectations and requirements.



We promise to deliver a level of service that includes all of our core values.

Why E-Connexions ?

Relationships are the real key in an industry where significant skills are at the best and your need for them is now. By developing long term relationships with our clients and learning about their business, we believe this will let us get the right caliber of candidates for our clients.

We are our client's preferred business partner as a result of the following :

We understand your business, your problems and how we can help you attain your business goals.
We employ some maintained search techniques into a dependent market thus offering clients with passive candidates and talents.
We provide a consultative approach to our esteemed clients so making sure that we’ll always deliver a recruitment solution reflecting your requirements and only choose the candidates that suit the job profile.
We’ll find you the right talents as we constantly endeavor to develop relationships with candidates to completely understand their career aspirations and experience.
We believe communication is crucial, so we interact often to fill the gap.
Having experience and expertise in the Industry, we also have an excellent knowledge of the skill sets and profiles that will best match your business and its requirements.
If we can’t get what you are searching for, we’ll enlighten you why we believe this to be with provable reasons and actual evidence to support those viewpoints.

What We Do?

In Today’s tough competitive business world, HR Managers and other hiring managers observe the administration side to hiring staff quite difficult to handle. We have ensured that it is our responsibility to work on this time consuming process away from our client’s desk and churn it into a time-saving, cost-effective, and professionally executed service. Our offered service would be especially focused on delivering a complete service & a highly professional for all businesses that will ultimately result in getting the perfect employee or talent with the lowest hiring cost.

Code Of Ethics

To provide employer-clients consistently and with professional responsibility.
To value confidential details received from candidates and employer-clients.
To offer employer-clients accurate and complete information on a candidate's personal document, experience and qualifications and experience.
We will serve our clients, candidates and employees faithfully, with integrity and professional responsibility.
To handle candidates responsibly, objectively, confidentially and without disposition.
To expand professional service to all experienced employed and jobless candidates irrespective of color, race, religion, creed, national origin, gender, age, income level, marital status or physical handicap.
To provide candidates information on positions and terms of employment that precisely signify the information offered by the employer-client.
To organize interviews only with the prior agreement of the client.
To not get a candidate who continues to be in the hire of an employer with whom the member has positioned him/her.
To stick to truth in all types of communications and media, staying away from inaccurate claims or exaggerations.
To promote only legitimate job openings, figuring out the agency by name in all advertising campaign and advertising materials.
To market only those services they are prepared to carry out.
To stay away from perform, practices or statements probably to discredit or in any other case harm candidates, employer-clients, or fellow members.

Mission / Vision

In today's tough competitive business world, the demand for the most effective people is more important and growing than ever. In order to meet this growing challenge, most of the companies have successfully positioned key personnel through the services of Econnexions.


Our success and reputation have been developed on one clear commitment— "Despite the position or corporation, Econnexions approaches every assignment in a well-structured and professional manner planned to accomplish our commitment to both candidate and client."

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