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Today, the actual ability of an organization lies in their domain and talent management, and not only in the recruitment. The Econnexion’s recruitment solution is offered to build up the talent pools for the organizations of every size and industry. The recruitment solution offered by Econnexions is a first of its kind recruitment company in India which has indeed attracted an internal team from the recruitment industry. We are also well admired with a domain robust team flexible of offering services of supreme quality to our esteemed clients and provide end-to-end support in figuring out the best available resources.

Econnexions has a devoted team of domain experts offering top notch recruitment solutions and is one of the fastest growing recruitment businesses across the world and has successful recruitment practices all over the industries, servicing leading organizations.

Econnexions knows very well what it takes to connect clients with the top talent. With our rich expertise and experience since the year 2006 in RPO services - we can turn out to be the best partner for all your recruitment requirements.

RPO energizing your business:

Focused recruitment firm aimed only on the client’s requirements
Smooth integration into present HR processes & Recruitment management
100% candidate control – each prospect becomes the client’s resource
Responsibility for overall performance through SLAs or Service Level Agreements
Responsibility for overall performance through SLAs or Service Level Agreements
Reduces total cost per hire – as a result of exclusivity and reduced attrition
Continuous process improvement, 100% reporting, transparency, and analysis are an important part of the services offered.

Recruitment Solutions


Rapid deployment solutions:

We offer tested recruitment tactics with the entire offerings of the entire Econnexions to give you time-saving and cost-effective solutions that are capable of driving results. We can provide full recruitment lifecycle RPO or simply a part of the process, based on your requirement.

Our services include:

Candidate finding, screening process and assessment
Recruitment supervision
Market expansions, cyclical and part-time hiring
On-boarding and supply management

Integrated talent solutions:

Getting you excellent full-time talent is a significant part of what services we do. But it's not everything. With Econnexions' means, we can deal with your complete hiring process and complement it with further workforce solutions as required. If your business has bigger-scale staffing requirements over multiple locations, we will modify a staffing strategy and recommended-pricing model to best meet up with your organization's goals — where ever you do business.

Our country broad network of offices and professionals are well experienced, have good connections with the best professionals in each and every market, and have the established flexibility to support large-scale human investment capital projects.

Why Your Organization Need Recruitment Solutions?


Our Key Strengths Include-

Quality consultative strategy with clients
Dependable and trustworthy connection with candidates
Reliability in strong selection process recruitment at each level in a client organization

Why Opt for Econnexions’ Recruitment solutions?


Our Key Strengths Include-

Dependability, confidentiality and trust are our key values
Exceptional and skilled recruitment consultants focused on delivering the best
Our extensive coverage and varied portfolio of services

Econnexions are of many types along with the ones that deliver IT staffing solutions, temporary or permanent staffing services, and bespoke staffing solutions. We can even deal with every type of recruitment process that you’re not comfortable in handling. Whatever kind of recruitment services you require, succinctly, we can say that our services are a real value to all the organizations we serve. What makes our services amply advanced and functional is their proper integration with the business requirement of our clients and their scalability.

We assist you by recognizing, interviewing and putting the right talent in the right positions in your organizational structure.

Temporary Staffing:

Econnexions maintains a huge data bank of HR varying from mid-level to top level in fresher/expert/semiskilled.

We systematically screen the consultants as per the client’s requirements. Temporary staffing provides for a quick, cost-effective, and flexible solution for all your staffing needs.

Permanent Staffing Services

For Permanent Staffing, we not only make use of our huge database of available resources, but also pursue strong headhunting techniques and referral program. With the assistance of these tools, we actively submit profiles meeting closest to the requirement and within a very limited period of time the outcomes can be seen.

In the active business world today, you don’t utilize the business skills alone. You have the option to choose the enhanced skills your business needs.

Training and Assessments

For us, training is of the utmost priority. Training and helping our people to develop is a strategic focus. Our key motive is to drive our competitiveness through the best training. A good training is a central concept for developing the quality of work life. It is the vital concept around finding the best people to work for you, and moreover, it’s the key concept for moving to the next level. It can’t be overemphasized.

Personality and Leadership Development
Management Development Program
Quality-Six Sigma and ISO Series
Recruitment Process
Soft Skills

Retrieve the Contingent Workforce

Today, appreciation is noticed in holding the contingent workforce. Assessment is logging in all forms of jobs such as engineering, IT, medicine and others. The high skilled and scoured people are contingent makers and they’re being quarried by several companies for getting the best work done in the best possible manner. We stock up a database of such people and outsource their services to employers. In such way, the process of recruitment is streamlined and consolidated to provide the best candidates for the suitable possible jobs anywhere.

Campus Recruitment

The campus recruitment solution offered by Econnexions is chiefly focused at enterprises of all size and industry. SME companies usually have requirement of hiring new talent from campus. However because of the budget and bandwidth limitations, it is not always feasible to travel to different campuses to offer the opportunity.

Our topnotch campus recruitment solution assists pool in with our other SME clients & offers the opportunity to more college campuses. We conduct the primary round of screening before putting forward the shortlisted candidates for your preference.

Third-party Payroll:


What’s Payroll Outsourcing?

It is the act of assigning payroll management to third-party having expertise and experience in payroll processes. Normally the companies outsource their payroll functions for reducing the costs, and get better services. Econnexions provides best and quality payroll outsourcing services in India. We own our In-house Payroll & Compliance Management Team with advanced software & technology. Econnexions team contains Payroll Executives, expert in-house Consultants for legal Compliance, Accounts professionals to make sure error-free and smooth monthly payroll cycle. Econnexions customer support service is just a call away with a record response time.

How do we work?

Econnexions will delegate a member of our expert team of payroll professionals to work in collaboration with you to be convinced our payroll service complements your business systems. We offer a flexible service that will respect and match your systems, preferences, and technique of working. We will start by setting up a program of work for every pay cycle that matches you and the requirements of your company. You’ll know what to think likely at every phase of the process so Econnexions will assimilate smoothly into your business completely.

Econnexions will make do your payroll to assure secure and timely payment each payday, and to make sure you fulfill your commitments as an employer to the system.

Perks of payroll outsourcing with Econnexions

Payroll outsourcing consulting services improve the overall quality of your product or productivity or your business/organizations. Econnexions ensures the same.

Econnexions delivers end-to-end payroll processing solutions!!

Payroll Outsourcing mainly assists companies to report tax returns on time, improving the overall pressure of work, cutting down the load and assist them to get more proficient with their core business. We abridge your complexities and provide highly inclusive and best along with quality payroll processing services.

Why trust Econnexions’ with your employee’s salaries?

100 percent error-free Payroll
Customer service to support employee questions related to proofs & taxation in stipulated TAT
Year-end Onsite support to solve queries related to Investment and Taxation proofs
Modified MIS reports according to the requirements
Keep all the client informed for all the latest provisions in the Income tax Laws in India
Confidentiality of employees data and information of the client

Third-party HR Recruiter:


A company’s most indispensable resource is it’s talent and skills. Businesses nowadays invest greatly recruiting and retaining the best workers in their specific industries. With over 80% of operating costs goes to the company’s human resources, the capability to recruit efficiently offers a significant competitive benefit. Econnexion’s offer third-party HR recruiter concedes these high-value human resources (HR) activity to the specialists, attaining better results at just a fraction of the cost.

What’s so special about our services?

Less time to hire
Assuring compliance with central labor regulations
Bettering retention of new hires
Improving quality of the candidate pool
Lowering recruiting costs
No need to hire full-time HR

Normally, every organization has a team of HR whose key responsibility is to hire the best talents for the organization. Econnexions offers an exceptional service of third-party HR recruiter, in which you can get a professional HR at just a fraction of cost what you offer to permanent HR per year.

There are many perks to using our services for your temporary HR staffing needs:

Efficient HR Performance
Fair, Competitive Pricing
Fast Response and Placement
Full Benefits for Our Employees
HR Specialty Workers
Meeting Your Specialized Qualifications
Reduced Paperwork & Liability

At Econnexions, we are dedicated to providing a complete array of services to our organizational and corporate clients. Whether our esteemed client partners are in need of contract services, short-term temporary HR staffing solutions, campus recruitment, temporary or permanent staffing, or direct hire recruiting, our committed recruiters with long experience and expertise in human resources offer quick, complete service. Econnexion’s laser-sharp focus on meeting resourceful, talented, motivated candidates with the exact requirements of each client, and our focus to meet client satisfaction are our key priorities.

Get in touch with us today for any type of HR recruiting and placement services.